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  • March 28, 2020 | 
  • 12:16 pm | 
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  • On 28 Mar 2020, at 11:22 am, Alan Brown <Alan.Brown@leicester.gov.uk> wrote:

    Dear Suleman,
    The Coronavirus Bill has introduced new temporary measures with regards to the registration of deaths. This includes the use of telephone appointments for registration. As the informant will not now be making a registration in person they will not be issued the Certificate for Burial (the ‘Green’ form) that is required by the burial authority before a burial can take place. The ‘Green’ form will now be emailed directly to Bereavement Services. This will require a temporary change to the existing process for  out of hours burial administration undertaken by MBCOL, as the family will now be unable to provide the ‘Green’ form to MBCOL to confirm the death has been registered.
    Therefore with immediate effect, on completion of the registration of death the registrar will email the ‘Green’ form to bereavement services, where we will then send a confirmation email to MBCOL to confirm the death has been registered. There will be no weekend registrations, although as previously advised weekend burials can continue where the registration has been completed beforehand. This will be emailed to your email address admin@mbcol.org.uk so please ensure that whoever is providing the burial administration has access to this email. The confirmation email should be printed out and processed as if it was the ‘Green’ form as per the existing process.
    The above process will enable us to maintain as near a normal service as possible.
    Yours faithfully,
    Alan Brown MICCM (Dip)
    Bereavement Services Manager
    Leicester City Council
    Gilroes Cemetery & Crematorium
    Groby Road
    LE3 9QG
    Tel: 0116 454 4925
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