Out of Hours Funeral Charges

Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department
EFFECTIVE FROM 1st April 2019

Please visit the Leicester City Council Bereavement Services website for a comprehensive list of Fees & Charges 2019/2020.


An adult or person over 18 Years of age  £730.00

A person under 18 Years of age  FREE

A foetus, view stillborn or child (not over 5 year old)  FREE


*Adult Lawned Grave  £1270.00

*Adult Traditional Grave  £2385.00

Child’s Grave (Over 4 weeks old)  FREE

Traditional Child’s Grave (Over 4 weeks old)  FREE 

Foetus, stillborn or child (under 4 weeks old) – Common Ground (Muslim section)    FREE 


Use of Janazgah (Muslim Prayer House)      £130.00

Weekday out of hours burial surcharge*    25% of interment fee

Weekend & Bank Holiday out of hours burial surcharge     50% of interment fee

Late arrival fee  (1hr and above)    50% of interment fee

*For funerals taking place Monday – Friday from 3.30pm onwards

Note: If you are experiencing difficulties in meeting funeral costs financial assistance is available on application. Visit https://www.gov.uk/funeral-payments/overview


Leicester City Council offers a choice of graves. See grave options

Due to a change in policy new graves are now available to pre-purchase in Leicester City Council cemeteries. These graves are for a period of 50 years, renewable at the end of the lease. Please make an appointment with the Council Bereavement Services office, who will provide more detailed information and help you to select a suitable plot. More information can also be found using the following link: click here


A lawn grave means that you can apply for a permit (fee payable) to place a memorial headstone on a grave space, NO kerbs, fences or surrounds are permitted on the grave and will be removed without further notice. No trees or shrubs may be planted on the grave. The planting of memorial flowers will be permitted in a border at the head of the grave but must not exceed 30cm in depth (adult) or 15cm in depth (child) from the memorial. Maintenance of the memorial and planting is the responsibility of the grave owner.

Please note all new lawn graves will be turfed and maintained by the cemetery staff as soon as the grave has settled and weather conditions permit. This may take up to 12 months.


A traditional grave means that you are allowed to place a headstone with kerbs, fences or surrounds and/or sow plants and shrubs (no trees) in the grave space. A memorial permit is required for all memorials for which a memorial permit fee is payable.

The fee will also apply to any homemade fences, kerbs or surrounds placed on a traditional grave.


Leicester City Council has a responsibility, under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure that risks within cemeteries are properly managed.

An application form for a permit must be submitted to Bereavement Services for the approval to install any new memorial in the cemetery, alter or add any inscription, add to or remove from the cemetery any memorial, for which fee is payable.

Any memorial installed in the cemetery will be inspected and tested every 5 years to ensure it is safe.

When an inspection reveals a memorial to be unsafe, the Council are legally required to temporarily make safe the potential hazard. As memorials are the responsibility of the grave owners and their families, the Council will only temporarily make them safe. It will not carry out any repairs.

Owners should contact their memorial stone mason in order to carry out any necessary works and the stone mason must ensure that works are carried out to the recognised industry standards as laid down by National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or the British Registrar of Accredited Memorial Masons

(BRAMM) Code of Working Practice.