MBCOL Out of Hours Funeral Procedure

IMG_5607MBCOL facilitates and enables funerals to be organised at times when the services of Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department  are not available.

Note: It is essential that you read through the appropriate sections listed on the right before proceeding

The following guidelines provide valuable information on how to arrange an out of hour’s funeral through MBCOL. It also provides detailed information on the various legal documents that will be required.

To arrange a funeral the applicant will first need to appoint a Funeral Arranger, this will normally be a person from a funeral committee at your local Mosque or Community organisation. Once appointed he should then be able to guide you through the rest of the funeral process and it is he who will decide to either contact MBCOL or Leicester City Council.

The funerals which will require MBCOL or Leicester City Council involvement fall the following categories.

Summer (April – September)

  • Funerals which take place in normal working hours up to 4pm Monday to Friday will be dealt with by Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department based at Gilrose Cemetery or see Gilrose Map
  • Funerals after 4pm and up to 6pm Monday to Friday will be dealt with by MBCOL
  • Funerals on Weekends and Public Holidays will al be handled by MBCOL


Winter (October – March)

  • All winter weekday funerals will be dealt with by Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department based at Gilrose Cemetery
  • Funerals on Weekends and Public Holidays will al be handled by MBCOL


Note: During the winter months funeral’s should be completed 45 minutes before sunset and during the summer months by 7.30pm.

A two hour lead time is required by the City Council for an out of hours funeral.

At least one and a half hours is required between back to back funerals.

The Out of Hours procedure is as follows:

When a death occurs, the applicant, (next of kin), will need to designate the Funeral Arranger who should then be given all relevant details regarding the deceased and should also be informed of any complications. From that point on the Funeral Arranger will be the lead person acting on behalf of the applicant.

Assuming that there are no other impediments, and if the funeral looks likely to take place during out of hours, MBCOL will be notified by the Funeral Arranger and a suitable appointment will be made to see the MBCOL Funeral Coordinator.

The MBCOL Funeral Coordinator will then verify and issue all the necessary documentation needed to proceed with the burial. He will also instruct the staff at Saffron Hill Cemetery to prepare the grave.

Normal charges will still be raised, and an invoice will be sent to the organisation represented by the Funeral Arranger, which will then be passed on to the family of the deceased.

Note: It is imperative that in all instances the funeral takes place at the appointed time arranged by the MBCOL Funeral Coordinator. and the applicant. Consistent delays in performing the funeral may result in this service being withdrawn.

Note: The appointed time of the funeral at Saffron Hill Cemetery for all weekday late funerals must be agreed with Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department and MBCOL before any announcements are made within the Muslim Community.

Note: Completion of “Notice of Burial” prior to any funeral.

The local authority now requires the “applicant” (usually the next of kin) who will be named in “section 2” of the “Notice of Burial” to be present for signing off as they will be appropriately liable for the settling any council burial costs.

The application CANNOT be processed until the applicant is present.

Procedure to bury a Muslim body without a coffin

Members of the deceased family have a choice of burying the deceased in a wooden coffin or if they wish without a coffin. For a coffin less burial ready cut timber is available at Saffron Hill Cemetery currently priced at £80 a set. The following procedure should be adopted in order to request a coffin less burial:

  • Inform your appointed Funeral Arranger that you require a burial without a coffin.
  • During the appointment with the MBCOL funeral coordinator the funeral arranger will request the coordinator for burial without a coffin.
  • The MBCOL coordinator will then instruct the staff at Saffron Hill Cemetery to prepare a shiq type grave and for a set of timbers to be supplied by the grave side. See Timber Grave Preperation.

An aluminium Janazah (body) carrier with an appropriate cover is available at the cemetery to carry the deceased together with a plastic screen for use at the graveside for females. (This permits you to cover the grave area so that non mahram are not able to see the body of the deceased when being lowered into the grave).

Note: For a coffin less burial for an adult female it is important that there are sufficient male mahram present at the cemetery to remove the body from the Janazah carrier and lower it into the grave. Our estimation is that approximately 6 mahram will be required.