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  • March 23, 2020 | 
  • 5:36 pm | 
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  • Morning Suleman,

    I’m happy for you to share.

    As per the Government’s advice, people should stay at home where possible and should not be attending funerals unless absolutely necessary. Anyone showing any symptoms (fever/new persistent cough) should be in self-isolation and should not attend. If attending the importance of regular hand washing and social distancing (stand at least 2metres apart) cannot be emphasised enough. Graveside prayers, rather than in the Janzagah will help with social-distancing as it is easier to stand further apart.

    I very much appreciate your help and support in conveying these messages to the community in the interests of everyone’s health.

    Kind regards, Alan

    Alan Brown MICCM (Dip)

    Bereavement Services Manager

    Leicester City Council